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Sid Taylor

- taylsBOASsnowcrestDOTnet
- (I live in Weaverville, California)

Arluk II, Arluk III, Narpa, Feathercraft, Pirouette...

Math, birdwatching, gardening, watercolors, reading, diving ... tour kayaking ... and others unmentionable.

chemical engineering

Desolation Sound, B.C., Clayoquot Sound, B.C., entire California Coast, entire east coast of Baja (twice), crossing and recrossing of the Sea of Cortez (San Francisquito to Bahia Kino), circumnavigation of Isla Tiburon, Mexico, Isla Angel de la Guarda (twice), sections of the west coast of Baja, crossings to several of the California Channel Islands (Catalina, Anacapa, Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa) and other tours.

email me with questions. Put the word QUESTION in the subject heading. I'll do my best to provide information.

Tibensky, James

Born in 1948 in Chicago, lived in Chicago area all my life. Married to Gail, no kids. Work as Mitigation Specialist for the Federal Public Defender of Chicago. Degrees are in anthropology. Left leg paralyzed by polio at age one year, water is my mobility paradise.

Bird watching, cross country skiing, carriage driving [with Shetland pony named Kayak Star], camping, antique toy collecting, kite flying.

Raced kayaks from 1966 through 1994, won championships in Sprint, Marathon, Slalom and Wildwater. US Sprint team in 1970, Master's Slalom Team 1989 and 1990. Won races from 500 meters [sprint] to 35 miles [War Canoe around Manhattan Island 1967]. Certified by US Canoe and Kayak to coach slalom and wildwater. Certified by ACA as Coastal Kayak Instructor. Certified by International Canoe Federation as official, judged at 1996 Olympics, designed slalom courses for World Cup and other events. Taught whitewater kayaking at Madawaska Kanu Centre for 13 years. Published book, with Winslow Soule "A Handbook for Beginning Kayak Slalom Racers" in 1991. Quit all racing in 1994 to go sea kayaking and river running and just enjoy the H2O outdoors.

Glacier Bay Alaska, Gauley River West Virginia, Tortugero Costa Rica, Aasiaat and Kulusuk and Qaanaaq Greenland, Mississippi River in Northern Illinois, Grand Canyon of the Colorado.

I like to teach because I learn so much from it.



Wow, I hadn't read all the bios till tonight....quite a list. I'm Tom and live in Rhode Island. I'm (37). for fun, besides kayaking, I restore "stuff".. mostly cars (1940's Jeeps or 60's Chevrolets and tractors) also old radios (mostly old ham radios) and, for the last 5 years, my (old) house. I work as a GPS navigation applications engineer to support my passions.

I grew up on Long Island (lonk eye-lan) and was always on the water in some sort of wooden rowboat. In those days a cement block was the anchor so any wind usually caused you to loose your boat. It created an endless shuffeling of boat ownership on the Creek. I ended up becoming an officer aboard Merchant ships...usually larger than 800ft. After seeing nothing but water and most of the world for a few years, I decided I never wanted to do "water stuff" again. *Sigh* I got a real job and rejected all invitations to sail, boat, ship, swim etc.

I started kayaking while on a date in Monteray, CA. in '93 (the things you do for love). We spent the weekend taking intro 1 and 2 and it was pretty fun. My date is long gone but somehow I broke my vow of being a landlubber and I am back on the water. Since I have enough stuff to maintain in my life, I opt for maintenance free (yeah right) plastic boats. My daily ride is a Current Designs Squall. The guest boat is a Wilderness Systems Secret and the surf boat is a Neckey Rip. I have a roll...both sides. I usually paddle solo and I have never gone out in a group. Since I am only 2 blocks from the water, I paddle all year. Winter is quite nice since you are usually assured of complete solitude. Racing has kept me in tune.

Latest dreams? I want to take a vacation....its been years. I think a time in Colorado learning WW kayaking would be cool. The thread on garages was gutwrenching. I just finished building my 2 story 24x24 garage. Cars MUST be garaged....especially the old ones! put the boats on the second floor... or in the living room.

Have fun

From: Tomckayak email: TomckayakBOASaolDOTcom

Male, age 52. I live in theEdmonds WA. (Northwest US) and took up sea kayaking in 1988. Different from most Northwest Sea kayakers of that time I paddled the open coast of Washington. I like a Sea kayaks with clean lines, No hatches therefore no bulkheads, no rudder sticking off the back or skeg hole in the keel and no hole for mechanical pump discharge. One continuous shape that I get into and wear. The perfect shape for moving though the water environment.

I have one kayak a Mariner MAX that I use for surfing, day trips, two week expeditions to Alaska and racing. Am known to be hard on equipment and have numerous patches and gouges on the hull of my one kayak. I used to enter kayak surf competitions in Calf when they had a long boat class. I always seemed to finish third.

I consider September to May prime kayaking season. I spend weekends camped at one beach. I wait for the surf to come to me while my friends drive the weekend away looking for the good surf. If no surf I paddle the local shore line.

21st November 2004 - Philip Torrens

Philip Torrens

Torrens, Philip


KAYAKS (Owned or paddled):
One single kayak, a Northwest Discovery XL. One double kayak, Easy Rider 22'6" Eskimo.

Charlie Zulu Seven Zero Six Two (hand held VHF)

Seafaring (I consider kayaking to be true seafaring, albeit writ small), kayak sailing, camp cooking, W.W.II history, evolutionary biology, very casual birding, etymology.

I have my Basic Coastal Cruising Certificate for sailboats, and a certificate in Celestial Navigation. I work indirectly "in the industry" as a writer for a major outdoor retailer. I occasionally free-lance and have been published in Sea Kayaker, Paddler, Canoe & Kayak and Adventure Kayak.

"Any philosophy that can be put into a nutshell belongs there."

Impossible to choose. I'd usually say the one I'm currently on or have just finished.

I'm a 45 year old (Holy Cow! How'd that happen?) Canadian, married. Though I have paddled in the Eastern and Western Canadian Arctic, and in the Norwegian Arctic, I'm lucky enough to live in the Pacific Northwest (Vancouver, BC, Canada) with some of the greatest kayaking in the world on my doorstep, year-round, if you don't mind a little rain... well, rather a lot of rain, really.
I've been sea-kayaking for a decade and a half, and "messing about in smallboats" as well as backpacking and camping since I was about twelve. Now in my mid-forties, I find myself increasingly using experience and guile to see me through situations where I used to rely on pure youthful energy and indestructibility.
I do a lot of solo touring. As a concession to my wife's worrying, I sometimes go with one or two carefully selected mates on the longer and wilder trips. Three or four in a group is about my limit - although I know a lot of people enjoy the social aspect of larger groups, and it is a excellent way to hone your skills in greater safely (provided you're with the right group), personally I find it rather defeats the purpose of a personal boat to travel in flocks of a dozen or more and descend like chattering starlings on a campsite. Just colour me Grinch green:-)

Philip Torrens
N4916' W12306'

a) NAME:
Turner, David


c) KAYAKS (Owned or paddled):
Own a WeNoNah Sundowner 18, renting and just starting kayaking

exploring inter coastal waterway, outrigger canoe

industrial safety, nuclear power

If you drown without a life vest on....can I have your kayak?

General Clinton Canoe Regatta, 72 mile race on the Susquehanna River in central NY. The longest single day flat water race in the world.

i) BIO:
31 years old, married, former US Navy Submariner. Two kids, one who HATES canoes and kayaks (makes life hard)

a) NAME:
Tynan, Bill


Current Designs "Gulfstream"
Dagger "Meridian Sk"

Development of a national training program/standards in the US similar to the "star" method used by the BCU for developing individual skills and instructor skills.

wilderness medicine

advocate for solid training in paddling basics; skegs, not rudders.

10,000 Islands trip in Florida Everglades! Remote, exotic, ...beautiful sun, water and beaches. Cape Lookout National Seashore in NC

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