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1st January 2003 - Ari Saarto
photos by A. Lind

Ari Saarto

Moon Rise

a) NAME: Saarto, Ari

ari0236BOASsaunalahtiDOTfi - I live in Helsinki, Finland

c) KAYAKS (Owned or paddled): Nordkapp HSC is my solo expedition boat and I am sharing with my wife a Sea-Lady double, a real Finnish fiberglass loveboat. Both look similar: a beige deck with red cockpit and black hatches - it makes my kayaks easy to identify.


e) SPECIAL INTERESTS: Naturally, sea kayaking - I am really nuts. Among other things: reading, arts, music, good food with brilliant company. Jogging at the seaside.

f) SPECIALIST KNOWLEDGE: Visiting lecturer of photography, practising photographer (art projects, no commercial assignments). I am contributing the local Finnish Meloja ("Paddler") magazine with few articles and cover pictures every year.

g) STRONG OPINIONS: Yup, I have too much of them. That is the reason I go to the sea - to cool off...

h) MOST INTERESTING TRIPS: Navigating the Aland Archipelago and the Southwestern Archipelago of Finland (2002), across the Finnish Gulf to Estonia (2001, please - check the PaddleWise web-site/stories), circumnavigating the Estonian Hiiumaa and Saaremaa Islands (2000), circumnavigating the Finnish Southwestern Archipelago (1999) and solo trip to the Russian border (and back) in ┤98 (again, check the PW web-site)

Male (43), mainly through the crisis of getting middle-aged, paddling 1000 to 1200 kilometres (650+ miles) every year. I have been following the P┤Wise list from it┤s beginning, though I hate to admit I am mainly lurking now. The double is for camping with my partner Rita, who is also an artist. We enjoy fresh fish, white wine, pancakes, strong coffee and silent and calm mornings of the summer. We have our Special Camp Place under an ancient rowan tree in a unnamed island at the Baltic Sea - hmm, not going to tell where it is...come and try to find out! The Finnish Archipelago has a myriad of islands.

The Nordkapp is for getting away, fast and far. I enjoy open space, which is found at sea, silence and solitude after chattering people. Besides the obvious aesthetic values, sea kayaking is a real Zen thing for me: spiritual renewment. I am not particularly fond of the technical stuff, so my greatest joy is to enjoy middle-summer mornings when the sun has risen at 3.30 am and after a good cup of hot coffee I am starting the voyage through silent waters with a solid paddling rhythm.


a) NAME:
Schade, Nick

{schadeBOASguillemot-kayaksDOTcom }

From: Nick Schade
I do not remember a time when I did not paddle boats. I started out in canoes. My father's idea of a good vacation was to go some place where there put-ins for the canoe. We paddled on lakes around New England and in the ocean in Connecticut and Maine. When I was about 12, my father got a little kayak kit which he built. Unfortuantely, my brother being older, he got to use the kayak most of the time. About the time I got out of college, my parents bought a piece of land on the coast of Maine. The canoe and my father's little kayak, and a fiberglass white water kayak I got second hand worked OK for exploring the area, but I needed a more suitable boat, and "Small Boat Journal" was full of these things called "ocean kayaks" which seemed perfect for what I wanted to do. Having little money and no idea where to find an ocean kayak even if I could afford one, I decided to build one. Perusing through Small Boat Journal, I decided on what seemed like likely dimensions, drew something up and built it. It was great. (At least relative to what I had been paddling before) I shortly had a job as an electrical engineer which was not as mentally stimulating as I would have liked, and I was out growing my first effort, so I occupied my mind with drawing new "better" designs. I continued working as an engineer as I developed boats to match my evolving paddling skills. Springs and summers were spent paddling, falls spent designing new boats and winters and springs spent building the designs. I started selling some of my designs as a hobby. The engineering job moving to a different state and meeting the woman I would marry, helped me make the decision to take the hobby full time. Part of the goal during this period was to write a book about how to build kayaks. Cathy and I got married and I continued to work on the book. Cathy died, and I finished up the book. Working on getting the book to book stores and other ventures for the past year and a half has limited my on-the-water time and I am currently working to rectify that problem. My current paddling tastes run from low-key gunkholing in sheltered esturaries to surfing post-hurricane waves, Long Island Sound in sight of NYC to down east Maine where seeing someone else in a kayak is still a minor event, and I also get in a little white water between running a business and the saltwater paddling.


Nick Schade
Guillemot Kayaks
10 Ash Swamp Rd
Glastonbury, CT 06033
(860) 659-8847
"It's not just Art, It's a Craft!"

Scherrer, Steve

- Alder Creek Kayak & Canoe
Web: -
Email: - aldercreek(at)qwest(DOT)net

I am a co-owner and President of Alder Creek Kayak & Canoe, a Oregon based paddlesport center. We do retail, instruction, and trips in kayaks and canoes. We have stores in Portland and Bend. I am the lead instructor trainer and head guide. I am 48 y/o (Ol' Capt' Salty is my nickname), been paddling since Boy Scouts <1964> Serious whitewater since 1980, serious sea kayaking since 1984.

Red Cross Whitewater Instructor 1986
ACA Whitewater kayak Instructor 1992
ACA Swiftwater Rescue Instructor 1993
ACA Swiftwater Rescue IT (Instructor Trainer) 1994
ACA Coastal kayak Instructor 1995
ACA Whitewater kayak IT 1996
ACA Whitewater kayak IT Educator 1999
BCU 4 Star award 1999
BCU Coach Level 2 1999

Been there, done that, wanna keep on keeping on. Main love is plaing on the Columbia river and in the Pacific Ocean. Married, no kids. My wife, Cindy, is a partner in the business and an avid paddler. BTW, she's my true love. Someday we will disappear over the horizon in our 35 foot sailboat. Hopefully it will soon be moored in the San Juan's, where I spend a good part of the summer guiding trips.

Too many boats to list. (ACKS has a bunch of demo boats and me, my partners and the bank own 'em all) Mostly for SK play I paddle a Romany 16 or Pintail, for ocean rock gardens I paddle a plastic Wilderness Systems Shaman, for light overnights a Romany Explorer HV and for expeditions and guiding a KajakSport Viviane. In the surf I love my Wave Sport Score and for creeking and teaching whitewater a W/S Super EZ. Why do I have 7 boats? Cuz I sold one!

I enjoy reading the posts here, but find little time to reply. I try and paddle often, at least twice a week. The winter is off time for guiding so we spend alot of time exploring the Columbia (BIG winter winds) and the coast. We are working very hard on the new Lower Columbia River Water Trail, a 145 mile trail covering the last free flowing section from Bonneville dam to the mouth. Check the website for details. Ultimately, I dream of retiring someplace warm!

Steve Scherrer

Alder Creek Kayak & Canoe N 45║ 39' 47"
250 NE Tomahawk Isle Dr. W 122║ 36' 16"
Portland, OR 97217 Web:
Phone: 503.285.0464 Email: aldercreek(AT)qwest(DOT)net

a) NAME:
Schoengold, Donald

e-mail address - donaldscBOASvegasDOTinfiDOTnet

c) KAYAKS(owned or paddled):
Feathercraft K1 Light
Bruce Lemon Baidarka
Don't believe in naming kayaks.

e) SPECIAL INTERESTS: Visiting National Parks. Paddling. White water rafting. Off road driving. Hiking. Teaching computer courses at local community college.

f) SPECIALIST KNOWLEDGE: Little in the area of kayaking. Lots in my profession as a chemist and my avocation teaching computers.

g) STRONG OPINIONS: Many of them but most of them are totally politically incorrect.

h) MOST INTERESTING TRIP: Spent a week kayaking off the Maine coast at a WoodenBoat School course. Two week raft trip through the Grand Canyon - the best vacation I have ever taken. Ran the Tuolumne River. Cleavy Falls was great and we didn't flip. 4-day whitewater kayaking school. Convinced me that sea kayaking was the way to go since I spent too much of the 4 days upside down and bailing out of the kayak. Hiking the Grand Canyon - S. Kaibab Trail in and Bright Angel Trail out. Best hike I have ever taken although I could barely move at the end of the hike. Interestingly, going down was harder than going up.

i) BIO: Live in Las Vegas. The town is the pits and is getting worse every day but there sure are some great outdoor places within 1 days drive of the place. Getting close to 60 years old - that sounds ancient. Ph.D. in chemistry. Run the lab at the Clark County Wastewater Treatment plant.

10th February 2004 - Mark S. Schoon

A.) NAME: Mark S. Schoon


NDK Explorer (still my "go-to" boat)
VCP Pintail (love to teach in this one)
Nigel Foster Legend
Guillemot Kayak "Night Heron" with a Greenland Style Deck
Wilderness System Shenai
Liquid Logic Hoss
Pyranha H2 255

D.) SPECIAL INTERESTS: Paddlesports, reading, photography, music

E.) STRONG OPINIONS: There's usually more than one way to achieve effective results, especially when coaching. Find and adopt a teaching/coaching style that helps a student be comfortable and have fun yet still provides enough challenge to push their envelope.

F.) MOST INTERESTING TRIP: This would be a toss-up between paddling off the coast of Wales with Nigel Dennis, paddling in and around Cape Flattery in Washington State, and paddling along the coast of Maine. When I close my eyes and imagine real "sea kayaking" I'm seeing the spectacular scenery, incredible beauty, and the joy of the water in all these places.

G.) BIO: I'm the co-owner of a brand-new kayaking instruction and tours business in the Northern Virginia area called Carpe Diem Kayaking Company, a company dedicated to maximizing the learning experience for each student by using small class sizes (1 to 4 instructor to student ratio).

My current certifications are as follows:
BCU Coach Level 3 Sea, Assessor Level A1
ACA Advanced Open Water Coastal Kayak Instructor
ACA Moving Water River Kayak Instructor

My immediate goals are to become a BCU Canoe Safety Examiner, move up the BCU Assessor ranks, become an ACA Coastal Kayak Instructor Trainer, and to get the ACA Traditional Paddling Endorsement.

I hope to see you on the river, lake, or the sea! Safe paddling.

23rd April 2002 - Rainer Schroeter

a) NAME:
Schroeter, Rainer


c) KAYAKS (Owned or paddled):
Eskimo Salto (WW, PE)
Nova kompakt (WW, italian made, PE)
Feathercraft K1, 1999
Pouch E-65 (foldable single, made in Germany 1956)
Klepper Super T6 (foldable single, pre-war)
Pouch RZ-85 (foldable double, made in the 60ies)
some other old foldables, some I dont know branches or anything else

mountainbiking, hiking

older foldables, making my own stuff for paddling f.e.watertight bags

paddle safely

WW: Austria: Moell, Lieser, Gail, 1999
Touring: Thailand Phang Ngha Bay (2000 and 2001)
Lago Maggiore (Italy) in the foldable double 10 days 1999: (sorry, all in german except the pictures :-)

i) BIO:
born 1953, solo, paddling since 1995 years WW (up to IV) and since 1998 touring, starting seakayaking 2000, Rainer Schroeter, Marburg, Germany

a) NAME:
Schuler, Fred

b) Email address:

c) KAYAKS(Owned or Paddled):
QCC 400 & QCC 500

Kayaking, hunting, biking, prison ministry

vast knowledge of the unimportant

Last years trip to the sea caves off the Apostle Islands and this years trip to Door County Penisula

i) Short BIO (personal description):
Physical Education Instructor, married to a paddling teacher, just turned 55, and love being on the water. Survived 32 years in the middle school, negotiated union contracts for 25 years and have enjoyed 12 years of prison ministry

10th May 2002 - Dave Seng

Dave Seng

a) NAME:
Seng, Dave Juneau, Alaska


c) KAYAKS (Owned or Paddled):
Seaward Ascente', VCP Skerray, Dagger Encore (WW OC-1)

Paddling - anyboat, anytime, anywhere (although I don't do Class V), Bicycling, Competitive Swimming, Hiking/Camping, Fishing, Reading, Cooking & Carpentry

Very little - but I'm a fairly well-versed generalist. I can provide information on paddling in SE Alaska.

Always keep an open mind - life is full of unexpected learning opportunities.

The next one.

h) BIO Personal Info
Born 1962.
Have supported my "outdoor habit" as a farmhand, lifeguard, swim coach, welder, banker, carpenter, naturalist (outdoor education), technical writer, software developer and network engineer. A transplanted midwesterner who has found his true home in SE Alaska. Will paddle anything small enough to allow me to dip a paddle in the water.

13th July 2002 - Scott Simpson

Scott in Kayak

Scott Simpson Van

Scott Simpson


Eddyline Wind Dancer
Necky Narhall (sp?)
Romany Explorer
Pygmy (forget model)
Seda double

Sea Kayaking is a given; ice climbing; alpine skiing (will learn telemark this coming winter - here in Alaska, just soooo many different winter activities to choose from - also glacier travel/crevasse rescue - Ohio State Buckeyes NCAA Football.

If I don't know it now, I'll figure it out! Have taught myself car repair - computers, and how to make a lawn green!

Stupid people shouldn't drive. "You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore" - my philosophy on life.

C'mon, I live in Alaska....they are all uniquely interesting!

I live in Alaska! WOW!
I grew up in Columbus Ohio; after realizing that I had to leave the state to go do any of the activities I enjoy, I moved. I taught in Arizona, on an Apache Reservation - then moved to Alaska and now work for the state administering a program for the blind.
I didn't even know that sea kayaking existed until I moved here, I am now a full-fledged life long addict. I have WW paddled many times, but do not desire the 36║ F river water here! I am single, have an 11 yo daughter still living in Ohio, but who is getting as addicted to Alaska as I have become.

13th July 2002 - Allan Singleton

Allan in Kayak

Allan Singleton

a) NAME:
Singleton, Allan

- alsjfsBOASparadiseDOTnetDOTnz
- R D 1, Hamilton, New Zealand

c) KAYAKS (Owned):
Southern Light 6.2m fibreglass double sea kayak, Sisson Kayaks.
Cabo double SOT, Ocean Kayak.
Sprinter single SOT, Ocean Kayak

Sea kayaking, tramping, gardening, yachting.


Mainly suppressed? Ask my wife.

The first one - Abel Tasman National Park in early spring.

i) BIO:
Retired field hydrologist, ex National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA). Born 1938, married to Joyce, 2 adult offspring. Tutor in computing at SeniorNet one day a week. Through work and recreation, I have been messing about in boats for most of my life, including jet boats, yachts, outboards and up to 20m launches, but for the recreational side I prefer wind or paddle power. Have been sea kayaking since 1992.

Smith, Bob


KAYAKS (Owned or paddled):
Mariner Express, Feathercraft K-!, Mad River Guide

foldables, trips, Mariners

English teacher, student of environmental literature, environmental issues, literature in general

too numerous to mention; some supportable, some not

West coast of BC, Vancouver Island, Sea of Cortez

51, Community college English teacher in SF Bay Area. Single; grown son; love kayak trips, but mostly day paddle; appreciate the sensuous more than the adrenaline aspects of paddling. Not especially athletic but drawn to the outdoors and worried about environmental degradation.

18th July 2002 - Randy Smith

Randy Smith by Kayak

Randy Smith

Randy E Smith


Perception Sea Lion
Dagger Back Water
Perception Sierra
Dagger Vortex
Old Town Discovery Canoe

Kayaking, Canoeing, Camping, Hiking, Backpacking, and Biking, Building Thing, Computers, Philosophy, Science, Spirituality and Yoga, Tai Chi

Life is to be lived. Nature is to be respected.

I am 37 years old, single, man, living in the Indianapolis IN (USA). I work as a database administrator and travel a lot. I have been paddling for 10 years or more years now, first with Canoes and now with Kayaks. I just bought the first white water kayak and plan on learning how to do that. My main interest is in backcountry wilderness camping with my boats. I do not paddle great distances when I camp but just enjoying the beauty of places I go. I am very spiritual about nature. I do Yoga, Tai Chi and weight lifting for exercise, apart from kayaking two or three times a week (when I am not business traveling). I have a degree in engineering and I love to build thing, and one of these days I will build myself a kayak (just as soon as I get the time).

Smith, Spencer A.

Spinner, Sponge, Snaggletooth


KAYAK (Owned):
Arctic Hawk. Paddled too many others to mention.

Vertebrate ecology, butterflies, hiking, mind puzzles, observer of human behavior, and other odd stuff.

None. Jack of many trades, master of none.

Far too many I'm afraid.

If it works for you, then it's probably the "right way" for you.
When paddling, think, feel, relax and move like water; paddling is so much easier when you are one with it.

Day trip from one end to other and back on Maligne Lake, Canadian Rockies. Never before or since paddled in rain, hail, snow, 35 knot winds, and 70 degree plus sunshine all in the same day. What a beautiful place.

I'm 35, built more like an egret than a bear, and field biology (field research) is my passion. I paddle to enjoy nature on its own terms, and enjoy equally watching raccoons dine on oysters at low tide, surfing my boat at the beach, or just getting wet (i.e. practicing skills).

a) NAME:
Wayne Smith

Live in Eastern Connecticut

c) KAYAKS (Owned or Paddled):
Current Designs Caribou, Perception Pirouette S (For surf & whitewater)

"Lorelei". She got this name after an encounter with a jetty in heavy seas.

Greenland style paddling, kayak camping, racquetball, cross country skiing, hiking.

Lots of them. Most concerened with valuing the experience of life, and respecting others' ability to do so.

Prince William Sound, Alaska. Spent 5 days camping & paddling there in 1998, and another 2 days hiking near Anchorage and Seward. Incredible place. I'll definitely go there again.

38 years old. Lifelong paddler who paddles anything that floats in any water. Got hooked on sea kayaks about 5 years ago. Design and build native paddles, mostly Greenland style. Single. I like just about any activity that gets me outdoors & away from the grind, except golf. Currently employed as a reinsurance consultant at a major agency & brokerage firm, prefer not to think about it when I'm not there. When I'm not outdoors, I can be found on a racquetball court.


Wayne Smith
Check out my sea kayaking & homebrewing page:

15th June 2002 - Ferdinand Soethe

a) NAME: Soethe, Ferdinand

email: fDOTsoetheBOASsoetheDOTnet

c) KAYAKS (Owned or Paddled):
Jumbo Sioux (Inflatable canoe)
Nautiraid Grand Raid 520 Expedition, Folding Double

Bicycling, swimming, diving, cooking & bread, nature, red wine, politics, programming, computer networking

f) SPECIALIST KNOWLEDGE: computer networking of NGOs, software development, training, web design

i) PERSONAL INFO Single, 36 years old, living in Hannover for 15 years. Preferred Paddling companion is Anja (30) who also shares my flat and a few other things.

Worked for a non-profit computer network (APC) for many years before moving on to write computer books and work as computer Consultant/Trainer/Programmer.

a) NAME:
Somers, John

Email address somersBOASradonc17DOTucsfDOTedu
Geographic location--San Francisco, CA

c) KAYAKS (Owned or Paddled)
Eddyline Sea Star
Necky Looksha Sport
Nautiraid Greenlander folding boat (new version) with sail
EuroKayak WW boat
Sea Eagle inflatable kayak

d) Boat name and serial number if maritime radio operator n/a

The sea and its inhabitants plus any experiences on it, some in it.
Wilderness and wildlife including aquatic; exploring, viewing, photographing and protecting.
Guitar playing.
Writing, including some poetry.

Medical Electronics, radiation and rad control, clinical applications and development. Working with my hands and tools in various ways, wood, metal, plastics, electronics, occasionally stone, feathers and textiles.

Burn all money, we'll be better off without it.

The most interesting is always the current one
Memorable trips:Glacier Bay, AK, Sea caves, CA, USA, Atchafalaya Basin Swamp, La., USA

i) Short BIO (personal description)
I am you, you are me,
We are not what we appear,
No me, no you.

I live on the edge, sometimes go beyond. Some of my best contributions to society are iconoclastic. I've learned from some innately wise teachers, from the home-town veterinarian I worked for during high school, to the DaLai Lama and Thich Nat Hanh, to Jerry Garcia and many another good musician. I am continually involved in a dynamic balance between detachment and genuine appreciation and concern for aspects of the material world. I can be dangerous, mostly to myself. Wouldn't recommend that people do as I do, it probably won't work for anyone else.

What do we know?
No me, know me,
Know you, no you,
Do be do be do.

a) NAME: Spinner, Joan

- Hyattsville, Maryland the Washington, DC area
- JSpinner2BOASaolDOTcom

c) KAYAKS (Owned or Paddled)
Current Designs Gulfstream yellow over white, glass-touring boat, challenging me to learn more.
Current Designs Breeze-red, plastic taught me much of what I know so far. Lovely boat that tracks well and has some speed for a short boat.
Dagger Bayou-gunkhole and birding boat
17' Grumman canoe-boat for two


54-years-old, currently teaching elementary school, special education, ex-graphic artist, used to do mostly desktop publishing. That is how I ended up editor for the Chesapeake Paddlers Association's newsletter. Started paddling a canoe about 1986 and a kayak in January of '99. My SO has been paddling a lot longer than I have. I became involved with CPA early on, thank goodness. I've learned more than I had any idea that there even was to know about water and paddling.

The weekly weekday gatherings offer great learning opportunities because of all the skilled paddlers who participate and seem to love to share. The off-season pool sessions are available for retaining or honing skills in a very safe setting. That was where I learned my wet exits and rescues my first season.

We paddle mostly on the Potomac River, Patuxant River, and Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries. There is an incredible variety of paddling in this area with a huge amount of wildlife. The CPA trips are fun. From the trips I've met people to paddle with on those days when there is no scheduled trip.

We try to go out every weekend of decent weather. We paddle year round or at least as long as the water is fluid. I came to paddling from birding and have a thing for camping so we can go places that are unusual. I love the water and peaking into little backwaters. Have some ambitions for trips and looking for additions to the list.

Hi to all. I'm brand new to kayak paddling and the list but have been paddling for about 12 years in a canoe. I had to post when I read Peyton's post. I am 51 but have not outlived our Grumman.{G} It is still floating with all its dings and dents. We expect many more long hours of pleasure out of her. I rate as one who can at least knows the waters he spoke of. My Dad was from Alexandria when it was a small town. We live in Maryland and the waterways of the Chesapeake an inland waterways are our stomping, or paddling grounds. We have a Dagger Bayou and I'm looking for a new touring boat that is a bit better in more open waters so we can do a bit of ocean shore paddling. I am too scared of falling water to get near ww but will spend more than one lovely day in a row out kayak camping. I'm open to suggestions about what else to buy. The fellow at one of the stores wants to sell me a Wilderness Systems Pungo. Being named for a place I've been, I kind of like it. I just don't like the extremely open cockpit. Still looking.

a) NAME:
Steinberg, Fred

From: Fred Steinberg {fredBOASalaskaDOTnet }

Howdy - I've had my ~1980 Klepper double for about a year now, been lurking on the list for a few months. We only got out 3 or 4 times last summer, but hope to do better this time around.

I live outside of Anchorage, Alaska, so the season won't start (for me, anyway) for a few months yet. (Our first trip in the boat, and the instigation for buying it, started the first week of June last year, to Wood-Tikchik State Park, and the ice on the lakes was *just* breaking up.) We've also been out for a few days from Homer, in Ketchemak Bay, and we shlepped the bags down to St. John for Thanksgiving. The warm water certainly was nice, but the scenery (above the waves) is a lot better up here!

Needless to say, I've got no roll whatsoever. Ralph D. is right though; we kept up just fine with people in hardshells, and made better headway through the 2-3 foot whitecaps on the windy Tikchik lakes. It also holds an unbelievable amount of stuff.

Anyway, I'm hoping to make at least a couple 1-2 week trips this summer; in Prince William Sound, and a float down some river. (Foldables shine here, as you can fly them in to the bush in any little ole plane.)

Now to strap the skis back on. (And no, 20 below is NOT too cold to get out.)

a) NAME:
Stewart, Val

From: Val Stewart {valDOTstewartBOASmailservDOTsuDOTualbertaDOTca }

Maybe I'm kidding myself, but at 48 I never really considered myself an old lady. I live in Edmonton, Canada and the ocean is 700 miles from here and after reading some of the bios, it's a shock to be reminded there are places on this planet that aren't frozen and people still kayak this time of year. My first sea kayaking experience was at a week long workshop about 13 years ago in the Broken Islands, off the west coast of Vancouver Island.

After that I was hooked. Since then I've paddled in the Gulf Islands, the Queen Charlottes and in Southeast Alaska twice. I thought the Charlottes were paradise until I went to SE Alaska. The first trip was 2 weeks camping, starting in the fishing town of Pelican and then we headed north across Cross Strait to Dundas Bay and then back to Pt Adolphus. The second trip was 3 weeks camping, again starting in Pelican but heading north of Dundas. That was incredible. We saw many golden grizzlies with dreadlocks, bald eagles, puffins, and were surrounded by killer and humpback whales. We were able to stop in a fishing village at the end of each week, shower, restock on beer and order greasy burgers and fries.

I own a Necky Tesla glass boat and I 've never even tried rolling. When we were in Alaska the last time we got caught in some water the fishermen call the "washing machine' and I don't think rolling would have helped. We just concentrated on paddling through it and staying upright. When I can't get to the ocean I paddle down the N. Saskatchew River, which flows through Edmonton, on the lakes close by, or on Maligne Lake in Jasper in the Rockies.

I am divorced and have a 23 year old daughter. My other interests are skiing (xc & telemarking), hiking, running, camping, anything outside, learning the violin (just started) and learning about people.

Happy paddling everyone, and thanks for all the enjoyable bios.

Val Stewart from landlocked Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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