PaddleWise Discussion on Oregon Coast Watch

Date: Wed, 4 Nov 1998 15:12:35 -0800 
From: "Mattson, Timothy G"
Subject: [Paddlewise] Oregon Coast Watch program

I recently learned of an Oregon program called "coastwatch mile by mile".  I
think its a great idea and I wanted to share it with the paddlewise

The goal is to create a grass roots effort  to take care of the Oregon
coastline. In particular, we want to watch out for environmental problems,
stop developers from abusing the laws, and assure our open access to the

Here's how it works. The Oregon coast is divided into sections that are
about a mile long.  People are then found to take responsibility for each
mile segment.  If you have a mile, you agree to visit it at least 4 times a
year and document what's happening with it.

The problem is that many miles of the Oregon coast line are rugged and
inaccessible from land.  To adequately cover these miles, the group
desparately needs sea kayakers.  If you live in or near Oregon and you like
coastal paddling, I urge you to look into this program and consider getting

For more information, you can check out their web site at or you can contact Phillip Johnson at 

Thank you,

- --Tim Mattson

Tim Mattson