PaddleWise Discussion on Info on Kayaking Alaska

Date: Mon, 28 Dec 1998 06:17:59 -0800
From: "Ky Stratton" 
Subject: [Paddlewise] Alaska

Merry Christmas everyone.

I need some advice/help from any/all of you out there that may have made 
an Alaska trip.
In March I turn 50 (ouch) and would like to go on a 5-7 day trip to Alaska 
on, primarily, a paddling trip.  Not quite sure the best time to go (I HATE 
MOSQUITOS).  Would like to see some glaciers, fjords, maybe do some fishing.

I have wanted to go to Alaska for years and think this would be a trip in 
a lifetime.  I don't necessarily need to camp out every night.  Matter of 
fact, I would prefer NOT camping out every night.

I would probably be taking my K-1 Feathercraft.
Any ideas, suggestions?  Anybody interested in going with me?  

If anyone has any literature on paddling trips, I would appreciate any an 
all help.  Thanks to all and Happy New Year.  Ky Stratton.

Date: Mon, 28 Dec 1998 08:42:24 -0900 From: David Seng Subject: RE: [Paddlewise] Alaska If this is going to be the one and only trip that you ever make to Alaska then certainly consider making Glacier Bay your destination - glaciers, fjords, wildlife, and some of the most beautiful scenery imaginable. A good book on kayaking in Glacier Bay is "Adventure Kayaking - Trips in Glacier Bay" by Don Skillman. If you are considering a trip to southern SE Alaska, Misty Fjords is a beautiful area with fantastic paddling opportunities, but you won't see any glaciers. If you're planning on making a trip to the northern part of SE Alaska then one resource you might try is - Peter Wright, the owner is a good guy and well worth talking to. Another web resource is the Alaska Outdoor Registry - Southeast Exposure (907-225-8829) is the name of an outfitter based in Ketchikan - they guide trips into Misty Fjords. Prince William Sound would be another beautiful area to visit - there's a web page that might help start your investigation of that area at In the SE region of Alaska mosquitoes aren't usually too bad when you're on or near the water - but do some bushwhacking and you can definitely run across some of our finer specimens. Southeast Alaska does not typically have the hordes of mosquitoes associated with summer time in the Interior. June is probably the nicest month to visit Southeast, but many of the tourists feel that way also... May typically is pretty nice and the area isn't quite as inundated with tourists. If you visit Southeast Alaska be prepared for rain - but if you get a few sunny clear days you may never want to leave! You could do nice day trips out of some of the major towns of Southeast - - Ketchikan, Sitka, and Juneau (I know I'm leaving out some other very nice places) all have interesting paddling for day trips and you could stay in a B & B for some luxury "camping" and still only be minutes away from the water. Dave Seng Juneau, Alaska