PaddleWise Discussion on Books

I just finished reading Savy Paddler, by Doug Alderson and Sea Kayaker

It basically consists of 538 tips for better sea kayaking. The tips include
the areas of :

learning to paddle

equipment purchases

before you go

navigation and safety

food and water



trip planning


three hundred things to take along

lines and knots


metric conversion table

In the foreword Christopher Cunningham writes" I wish this book had been
available when I first took up seakayaking. It would have helped me avoid
having to learn many things the hard way"

After reading the book I agree. I found several points that would have really
helped in the beginning

Overall the book has solid advice (#9 the best way to stay dry is to get wet
often).  I am sure that any of us might disagree with a few points based on
personal preference and style. 

Antedotes are included to reinforce some of his points. 

It makes for good winter reading (especially in an Alaskan winter) 
the book is published by Ragged Mountain Press

happy reading