PaddleWise Members' Links

Below are links for some of the members of PaddleWise that may or may not be kayak related but are related to that member (other hobbies/interests, home pages, retail sites, etc.) If you are a PaddleWise member and would like your web site listed here, please send a message stating so to

Apter, Bob - San Juan Challenge
Baker, Shawn
Bedrossian, Ed
Bergh, Tom - Maine Island Kayak Co
Blad, Bob - Spirit Sails SailRigs
Bliven, Larry
Blumenthal, Matthew
Boyd, Wes
Brown, Steve
Browning, John - Wilderness Connection
Broze, Matt - Mariner Kayaks
Burton, Anne
Cabras, Giuseppe
Calahan, Mike
Cameron, Keith
Cookson, Rob and Rob's other page 3 Hats
Courtney - "How some tree became my boat"
Cramer, Steve
Culpeper, Richard
Dempsey, Rich
Denton, Bob
Dimond, Don - Superior Visions Sea Kayaking School
Ebersol, Nanette - Paint Island Canoe & Kayak
Edelman, Michale - Folding Kayak Pages
Merlin Emrys
Fenton, Jackie - GASP (Gulf Area Sea Paddlers)
Fenton, Mollie
Fereira, John
Freund, Steve - QCC Kayaks
Friedman, Ron - Paint Island Canoe & Kayak
Frost, Richard - Malone of Maine
Gordon, Dean - RUDRS
Gronseth, George - Kayak Academy
Hawkins, Jerry
Hagelstam, Clas
Hebert, Authur
Hoffman, Luke
Hurley, Andree - Kayak Instruction Excellence (KIX)
Hunter, Mark - Kayak Fishing Message Board
Johnson, Ken
Jones, Andrew - Kingfisher Wilderness Adventures Ltd.
Keiffer, Bruce - Lash-It
Kircus, Marilyn
Kuhlman, Chris
Lammers, Mel
Levine, Hal - EZ-Troll
Luby, Jed
Martin, Dave - Noyo Pacific Outfitters
McCutcheon - Whole Earth Outfitters
McKinnon, Mitch - CoyoteCo Performance Sea Kayking
Murphy, Mary - Malcolm Island Inn
Nichols, Thom - Ocean Air Sea Kayak Instruction
Noyes, Mike
Rasmussen, Kathea and Ken - Kayak Fit
Ray, Mike - Camden Kayak
Romeu, Gabriel and Gabriel's other page on photography and painting
Schade, Nick - Guillemot Kayaks
Scherrer, Steve - Alder Creek Kayak and Canoe
Schumann, Roger - ESKAPE Sea Kayaking
Shriner, Jan - ESKAPE Sea Kayaking
Shuff, Tim - Adventure Kayak Magazine
Sisler, Clyde
Soethe, Ferdinand
Stevens, Kirby
Sturgeon Kenny - Moreoutdoors
Stockdill, Jonathan - Costalba Expeditions - Costa Rica Adventure Travel
Turner, Joanne - Southwind Kayaks
Tynan, Jim

Vazquez, Al
Walker, Richard
Waters, Susan and her other page for pets
Weber, Reinhold - a page of kayak links ("biased towards foldables")
Weese, Tom (totemwood)
Whilden, Kevin
Woodard, Robert "Woody"
Zen, Mark

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